Get the Answers You Need About Medicaid Planning in Maryland

Your parents have worked hard to ensure that they have the financial security they need during their golden years. Unfortunately, sometimes hard work may not be enough to prepare for the unexpected costs associated with long-term care. 

Click below to download McDonald Law Firm's complimentary PDF, which addresses many of the most common FAQ's relating to Medicaid Planning in Maryland. 

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FAQ's about Medicaid Planning

This complimentary guide provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Medicaid planning, including:  

  • "Will Medicaid cover my parents' assisted living expenses?"  
  • "Can my parents transfer property prior to entering a nursing home and still qualify for Medicaid?  
  • "Do I have to cash out my parents' life insurance policy to pay for their care?"  
  • "My mom paid me for taking care of her. Is that allowed?"  
  • Do I need Powers of Attorney to act on my parents’ behalf?  

About Andre O. McDonald, Esq.

Andre O. McDonald is the founder and principal attorney at McDonald Law Firm, a Columbia, MD law firm serving clients throughout Howard County and the surrounding Counties in the areas of estate planning, Medicaid/ long term care planning, special needs planning, elder law and business planning.

Prior to attending law school, Mr. McDonald served our nation as an Enlisted Officer with the United States Marine Corps. He also served for several years as a Federal Security Officer with the Department of Homeland Security. This breadth of experience helps Mr. McDonald deliver legal services and work with clients in a practical, goal-oriented manner.

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